Sometimes a client may have the luxury of a large bathroom which makes planning easy and the main focus is to achieve the overall ‘look’ required.  More often though we find that space is at a premium and the location of architectural features such as windows and structural components may provide challenges as well as opportunities to achieving the best use of space.

We can help you arrive at the optimum design for your bathroom, toilet or shower room.  For example sometimes a corner bath can not only enhance the look of a smaller room but can enable a decent size shower enclosure to be fitted in as well.  When installing an ensuite it is often important to minimise the amount of space taken from the host room.  Sometimes the ensuite can be partly extended into an adjacent room without unduly restricting space in that room.

Underfloor heating is a luxurious addition to a bathroom or shower room and can be a relatively low cost option if added during initial planning.

Shower wall panels  are a relatively recent innovation which provide an alternative to tiles.  We recommend all plastic shower panels rather than plywood or MDF backed panels.   Such shower panels are long lasting and completely impervious to water.  Shower panels are easy to clean and long lasting if treated properly.

Tiles are perhaps the more conventional alternative to shower panels.  They are hard wearing and elegant when laid properly.  For a long lasting solution the wall must be properly prepared for tiling – even water proof tile grouting is not impervious to water and so the wall must be appropriately waterproofed.