General Plumbing

We can undertake most general plumbing work.  We always use the very best quality piping components – we believe that the incremental cost is well worthwhile.  When it comes to the sanitary ware the choice is yours – good quality taps, sinks, baths, showers etc are available at modest cost but the sky is the limit!

A dripping tap wastes water and can leave unsightly stains… as well as being intensely irritating.  In most cases we can solve the problem by replacing part of the tap internals.  Alternatively we can replace the whole tap to provide a bright new look – today elegant new taps can be purchased at modest cost.

Toilet cistern filling and flushing systems can give many years of reliable service but eventually may require attention.  The toilet may become difficult to flush.  There may be a continuous overflow of water from the cistern.  We find that it is often more economical to replace the faulty item rather than repair it.

Failure of the silicone around a bath or shower or sink can lead to water leaking into the space below.    To achieve a long lasting repair it is vital to completely remove the old silicone because the new silicone will not adhere properly to dried silicone.  We use a combination of mechanical and chemical methods to remove the old silicone before applying a top quality silicone.  Note that when installing a new shower or bath we recommend that where possible an upstand design should be selected because this minimises the reliance on silicone to achieve sealing.

Outside taps can be very useful but not every house has one.  We can install a suitable tap with freeze protection.

Electric power shower pumps can be a useful addition to an older house.  Not always the best solution but we sometimes recommend their use to provide a luxurious shower which available water pressure would otherwise preclude.

Electric showers are another useful option for providing a shower particularly in older properties. We sometimes recommend these where water pressure is limited and economy is important.

Washing machines and other appliances require a supply of water and connection to a drain.  Usually there are sink facilities nearby which simplifies connection of such machines but even if this is not the case we can route piping to almost any location.

Drain clearance is best tackled early but even if waste pipes have been allowed to block completely we can usually effect a clearance.

Burst pipes are usually simple to fix once the leak point has been identified and access arranged.  We try to minimise inconvenience and mess using a variety of techniques and equipment including borescope type camera equipment.

Soil macerators can enable toilet and wash facilities to be installed in locations which would otherwise involve excessive upheaval and expense.  However we recommend that the adoption of these devices should be viewed with caution.

Extractor fans are a useful accessory.  In rooms which contain a shower or a bath we recommend a switched fan which is also a humidity activated fan.  This can help keep the room fresh and free of condensation.